Boosting Immunity with Anabolic Steroids: The fight against viruses & infections

Anabolic steroids are highly beneficial to athletes and bodybuilders that want to build muscle, but how many people know that steroids have been used for years to treat certain medical conditions. An anabolic steroid is a substance that has a similar action to that of the male hormone testosterone. These types of drugs help underweight patients gain muscle tissue and might also be beneficial in treating some types of female cancers and other illnesses.

Your doctor might prescribe anabolic steroids for the patient so he or she can regenerate, build up muscle and regain weight. Sometimes, for reasons that are not yet understood, a person who is not recovering from an illness has trouble keeping enough weight on to stay in the normal healthy weight range. These patients might also be prescribed anabolic steroids.

The reason that anabolic steroids work to increase body mass is because the steroids boost the body’s use of protein to build up muscle.  In order for these compounds to work effectively people who have wasting conditions or who are recovering from illness also need to eat a high-calorie, high-protein diet to fuel the weight-gaining process.

Anabolic steroids might also have beneficial effects when other conditions are present. For example, some diseases that prevent the blood from clotting correctly can be improved by the use of anabolic steroids.  When looking at other benefits of steroids, they stimulate the production of both red and white blood cells and do not affect their function.  Also they increase inflammatory response. Part of the signaling process to increase protein synthesis is through prostaglandin release. Prostaglandins signal an inflammatory response and these steroids work by increasing the strength of this signal in response to weight training. Medical doctors have used these compounds to effectively reduce the severity of the symptoms associated with autoimmune diseases.

Experienced steroid users are well aware of how the production of red blood cells is extremely important.  This is one of the most important benefits of anabolics.  An increased amount of red blood cells not only works in favor of the oxygen carrying ability in blood, but the entire human body as well. Boosting the body’s red blood cell count can work against these diseases and affect the body’s immune system positively.

Deca Durabolin is a popular anabolic steroid that has been used widely to provide dramatic relief to AIDs patients and use of this steroid is associated with immune system enhancements. It has the ability of stimulating endurance and muscle function gains and promoting muscle growth and size to a significant extent. One of the biggest benefits why Deca Durabolin is extremely popular with sportsmen and fitness conscious people, especially those looking for immune function improvements, is that it improves cell-mediated immune response.  Deca is equally effective in improving immune function.

Primobolan significantly increases the immune system. The Methenolone hormone has been shown to significantly enhance the immune system which enables the user to stay healthier longer, which means more time getting stronger.  Sustanon is another anabolic that has the same properties.

Anabolic steroids WILL change the way immunity works.  The list of steroids that increase the immune system is not limited to the compounds we talked about earlier.  This positive effect on the immunity system is often overlooked by many.  But, we can’t stress enough just how important it is for users and those considering a cycle should be aware of.  Many experienced users experience such an immunity boost, they never even have to deal with a common cold.

Running a steroid cycle and exercising regularly along with eating a well-balanced diet are the keys to a healthy body, mind and soul.  It is never too late to begin using anabolic steroids.  Get stronger, be healthier and lower your risk of catching the common cold, the flu or any other infection or virus that you may come in contact with.

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